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2023/09/14 14:39

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"Love Staff, Warm June" Ruida Taifeng Established "Food Management Committee"

In line with the tenet of "people-oriented, for the sake of employees", in order to supervise the canteen catering work and provide a good and safe dining environment for all employees, the company established the "Food Management Committee" with the support of the leadership ". Collect the suggestions and opinions of the staff to the canteen in time, and publicize the knowledge of safe diet. On June 26, 2023, the company held the second "Food Management Committee Meeting". Zhang Maoyong, general manager of the company, Liu Jianguo, vice president of production, Cui Guanghui, director of the comprehensive department, and staff representatives of various departments attended the meeting.

Based on the production line, blooming maintenance style

There is such a group of people in the company, they are American workers, based on their own posts; they always bury their heads, there is no slack and negligence, they deeply brand the responsibility in their hearts, in every link in the process of operation, they understand the significance of responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. They are mechanics who protect production and grasp efficiency against the severe cold and heat.